Operational Systems

Nonlinear Optical Laser Scanning Microscope

Sensitive and fast photomultiplier signal detection

Second and third harmonic generation detection

Two and three-photon fluorescence detection

Control of laser polarization via liquid crystal retarder

Signal polarization measured by liquid crystal polarimeter

Microscope Objective: Zeiss 20x 0.8 NA

ASI motorized microscope stage

ScannerMax laser scanning mirrors

Home built, programmed in National Instruments Labview

Coupled to Ekspla laser, details below

Ultrafast Laser: FemtoLux 3, Ekspla

1030 nm wavelength

3 W maximum average power

250 fs duration pulses

1-5 MHz pulse repetition rate

Transmission Liquid Refractometer

Home Built, with 340 nm and 1030 nm diodes

2nd Hyperpolarizability Optical Measurement

Nonlinear microscope performs THG ratio measurements
Refractometer performs index measurements

Laser Microscope Facility

Active Vibration Isolation Optical Table, 30cm thick

Temperature and humidity controlled facility

Systems Under Devleopment

Wide-Field SHG Polarization Resolved Microscope

Single shot SHG/THG measurement of polarization

Soliton generation in Photonic Crystal Fibers